Graduate Certificate in School Leadership (GCSL): Building-level Educational Leadership/New Add-on Licensure Program

Beginning fall 2014, the ASU Graduate Certificate in School Leadership (Building-level Educational Leadership) will replace the ASU Add-on Licensure (AOL) Program. Applicants who wish to add the principal license (012) to an existing master's degree should apply to the ASU Graduate Certificate in School Leadership (GCSL). In other words, the AOL license is now offered through the GCSL program.

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Students who apply to the Graduate Certificate must submit a writing sample (GCSL Questionnaire [PDF, 87 KB]) along with the application.

The Graduate Certificate in School Leadership (GCSL) is graduate certificate program that prepares students to meet the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction requirements for principal licensure (012) and become knowledgeable the various facets of leading in schools . Candidates are required to hold a master's degree in education, or a related field, from a regionally accredited institution and to have completed three years of classroom teaching or experience in a related area such as media specialist, guidance counselor, or technology facilitator. The 24-semester hour graduate certificate program includes 6 semester hours of supervised school-based courses. More information can be found in the ASU Graduate Bulletin.

Graduate Certificate in School Leadership Program of Study (Beginning Fall 2014)

  • LSA 5030 The Principalship (must take first) (3)
  • LSA 5820 Theory & Development in Educational Organizations (3)
  • LSA 5910/5900 School-based Action Research Leadership Evidences or School Administration and Supervision Internship/ Practicum (2 semesters) (6)
  • LSA 5400 Developing and Managing Resources in Schools (3)
  • RES 5080 Data-Driven School Leadership (3)
  • RES 5070 School-Based Evaluation & School Improvement Planning (3)
  • LSA 5600 School Law (3)

Total: 24 semester hours

GCSL Principal Licensure Program of Study (DOCX, 339 KB)

Admission Requirements

Applicants for the graduate certificate must:

  • Hold a master's degree with at least a 3.0 GPA from a regionally accredited institution;
  • Have at least three years of successful teaching experience or successful experience in a related area of public school work (e.g. counseling, media specialist, instructional technology, etc.);
  • Hold a valid license to teach and/or practice one of the other educational specialties in NC public schools; and
  • Apply for admission and be accepted into the ASU Graduate School;
  • *Note: GRE scores are waived for the GCSL (add-on licensure program) and are not required for admission.

Site-based Field Experiences/Internship Courses with Directed Research

This program requires two 3-semester-hour school-based practicum research courses. Students are required to have at least 300 hours of school/school system-based supervised experiences for each internship course. School-based research practicum experiences are intended to help students learn first-hand about demands, skills and issues involved in the work of assistant principals and principals. These site-based experiences are professionally directed, substantive learning opportunities mutually designed by the student, school administrator and university professor. These experiences also emphasize application of major scholarship in the field, along with data-informed decision-making opportunities.

Schedule/Program Completion

The GCSL is a four-semester program. Two courses are offered each semester.

If you would like to be on the e-mail list to be notified of upcoming cohorts in your area as well as recruitment and informational meetings, you should contact Lindsay Parker at in the Distance Education Office. For information about the program, contact Dr. Barbara Howard, Director of Educational and School Administration Programs at