Education Specialist in Educational Administration (428A)


This program is focused on superintendent and central office administrative certification. Persons selected for the cohort would be preparing for a central office position such as associate superintendent or superintendent. Admissions are accepted online through the Graduate School. All applicants are required to submit a writing sample. (EdS Questionnaire [DOC, 33 KB]).

The Educational Specialist in Educational Administration (EdS) Online Program (Summer 2017 & Fall 2017)

Admission Criteria

  • Master's degree in school administration from an accredited college or university with 3.0 GPA, or the M level school administrator license added-on to a relevant master's degree
  • GRE or MAT scores
  • Approval of the admissions committee.
  • Current principal licensure (NC licensure code 12 or its equivalent from another state). Priority will be given to practicing principals and assistant/associate principal whose career goal is to be a superintendent. This EdS degree leads to NC licensure as a superintendent.

Required Courses

The EdS is a 30 semester hour degree program.

See the ASU Graduate Bulletin 2014-2015 for a description of the EdS program of study (DOC, 92 KB) and courses offered. Attached is the EdS Superintendent Licensure Program of Study (DOC, 318 KB).

For more information, please call the ASU Distance Education Office at 828-262-3113 or 800-355-4084. You may also contact Dr. Barbara Howard, Director, Educational and School Administration Programs, at

ASU accepts the full 30 semester hours of the ASU EdS degree towards the EdD degree. Persons interested in the ASU Doctorate in Educational Leadership should contact Dr. Audrey Dentith (, 828-262-8382), Director.