MSA Program Checksheet

General MSA Program Checksheet

  • Students must complete a Program of Study and Admission to Candidacy form before they have completed their first 18 hours of coursework.
  • Student must complete and pass a Portfolio specifically designed by the program before graduation.
  • All 36 hours of course work will be offered through the office of Distance Education.
  • Tuition for all off-campus course work will be charged at the Extension Service rate.
  • Enrollment will be limited to 20 students. Students must be officially accepted into the graduate program and must confirm attendance before they are permitted to register for any courses.
  • The sequence of courses and electives will be the responsibility of the Department of Leadership and Educational Studies.
  • There will be a minimum of 2 courses offered each semester (including summer) until completion of the degree.
  • The requirements for each internship semester are a minimum of 300 clock hours.
  • All students will begin, proceed, and finish together. No more than 9 credit hours may be taken out of, or transferred into, the cohort.
  • Students should consult their advisor about procedures for graduation.
  • Upon enrollment, the applicant must have completed three years of teaching experience in an accredited school.

Course Requirements for the Master of School Administration (Code: 433A)

Semester Hours Required (minimum): 36

Required Courses (33 hours)

  • Leadership Practice and Theory:
    • LSA 5030: The Principalship (3)
    • LSA 5400: Developing and Managing Resources in Schools (3)
    • LSA 5600: School Law (3)
    • LSA 5650: Ethical and Humane Dimensions of Educational Leadership (3)
  • Theory and Philosophy:
    • LSA 5820: Theory and Development in Educational Organizations (3)
    • FDN 5840: Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education (3)
  • Research and Data-Informed Decision-Making:
    • RES 5000: Research Methods (3)
    • RES 5070: School-Based Evaluation and School Improvement Planning (3)
    • RES 5080: Data-Driven School Leadership (3)
  • Application and Practice - Select one of the following in consultation with advisor:
    • LSA 5900: School Administration and Supervision Internship/ Practicum (3+3) (for pre-service students)
    • LSA 5910: Building-Level Action Research Leadership Evidences (3+3) (for in-service students)

Electives (3 hours)

  • Select 3 s.h. from the following****; other elective options are possible with the recommendation of the graduate advisor/coordinator and the approval of the department chair
    • CI 5050: Supervision of Instruction (3)
    • CI 5055: Connecting Learners and Subject Matter (3)
    • CI 5060: Curriculum Planning (3)
    • CI 5230: Studies in Applied Instructional Strategies (3)
    • CI/LSA 5585: Teacher Leadership and School Improvement (3)
    • FDN 5801: Education of the Culturally Diverse (3)
    • ITC 5220: Digital Technologies in Education (3)
    • LSA 5800: Critical Inquiry and Thought in Educational Leadership (3)
    • LSA 5850: Politics and Public Policy Analysis for Educational Leadership (3)
    • LSA 5999: Thesis (3-6)